Blind Item – Musician Catches His Ex Kissing Her Ex

Well, I don’t know.

This could be anyone in the business, considering how much monogamy and faithfulness is observed there.

images B+ list group… A list name recognition. Our musician has an ex although that status seems to change daily. The ex fancies herself as an actress, but really she is just a celebutard with more luck than Heather Mills. Well, our musician has never really believed a word that comes out of his ex’s mouth, especially concerning one of her ex’s and she has several high profile ones. Well, the musician was supposed to be recording, but when it got canceled he decided to go surprise his ex at her lunch appointment with her agent. Umm, when he got to the spot though, all he found was his ex and her very, very famous ex lip locked in a back booth of the restaurant. Shouting match followed, but lucky for our musician, nothing else ensued.

But if you have to guess, who do you think this couple is?

Source: Crazy Days and Nights

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