Blind Item: Betrayed by a Cell Phone

Tsk, tsk, tsk…what technology can do to a marriage. Hah!

Can you guess this couple?

images This actor’s wife, who is an actress herself, thought her husband owned two identical cell phones. One for businesss calls and the other for personal calls. One morning, the wife found a cell phone in their home. Thinking that it was the business phone and that her husband would be frantic at work without it that day, she hopped into the car to bring it to him at work. On the way, she tried to use the phone to call and let him know she was on her way. Imagine her surprise when she found that it was actually a third identical phone that held only one phone number, a revealing photo of the woman he was cheating with, and some raunchy text messages. We hope that the husband has really good health insurance as well as the number of a Los Angeles divorce attorney

This seems like another random blind that could refer to just about any power couple in Hollywood!


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