Brangelina Falls in Love with New Orleans

Power couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie hopes to settle down their growing family in New Orleans Lousiana, reports say. They have apparently fallen in love with the city’s racial diversity as it fits their very own.

The couple, who has three adopted children from Cambodia, Vietnam and Ethiopia, as well as three biological children, says that the kids have been learning a lot about different cultures over there.

“Our kids love it here. They love the school and their friends here. Most of all they love Verti Marte (a diner in the French Quarter). Their favorite thing to do is go down there. But for all of us, we just come here and we feel at home. This is the place we feel combines all the culture we love. It’s a melding of my French heritage with Brad’s Americana. The kids just love the food at the moment but they’re absorbing years of tradition through that.”

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