Gossip Couples Hooking Up, Breaking Up

Page Six of the New York Post via E! Online is reporting that Gossip Girl co-stars Taylor Momsen and Chace Crawford were seen lip-locking in real life and not just on the show. Now I don’t follow the series so I wouldn’t know about them hooking up based on the script. But I do know Taylor is 15 years young, while Chace, despite playing a high school kid, is in his early 20’s. Now this may just be a publicity stunt….who knows?

tmomsen chacec 

Meanwhile, from one Gossip Couple to another…

blake lively and pen

Blake Lively and Pen Badgely’s real life relationship on the rocks? The two were spotted together in New York. Together — but not smiling and not enjoying each other’s company, like they just came from a fight. The report also comes from E! Online.