Christmas Truce for Madonna and Guy Ritchie

Putting their differences aside at least for the holidays, estranged couple Madonna and Guy Ritchie are planning on spending Christmas together at their English country estate. The couple is doing this for their children.

Madonna initially wanted a Christmas in New York but Guy wanted the children to be with him in the UK. To avoid further disagreements, the ex-couple has decided on what’s best for their kids instead.

According to a British newspaper —

“Madonna and Guy want the best for the kids and so she has decided to come over to the U.K. so they can be with their father. Madonna arrives in England on December 23 and is planning to stay for Christmas.  Madonna doesn’t really like Ashcombe but she thinks it’s important that they put on a united front for the kids.”

The director has not seen his kids for quite awhile since they have been with their mother all throughout his filming of Sherlock Holmes. So Madonna agreed they spend Christmas together as a family.

This will be the first time the whole family is together since the divorce.

Madge and Guy 

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