Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces

Following Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s divorce, with the latter getting up to 60Million Pounds in settlement (that is apparently between $76-$95 Million), MSNBC listed up the top 10 most expensive celebrity divorce to date.

These ex-couple has made it to the list:

10. Michael Douglas’s marriage to Diandra Douglas – $45M
9. Phil Collins’ divorce from Orianne Cevey – $46.76M
8. Paul McCartney with Heather Mills – $48.6M
7. James Cameron, and his actress wife, Linda Hamilton – $50M
6. Madonna and Guy Ritchie – $76M
5. Kevin Coster and Cindy Silva – $80M
4. Harrison Ford and Melissa Mathison – $85M
3. Steven Spielberg’s split with wife of just four years, Amy Irving – $100M
2. Neil Diamond’s split with Marcia Murphey – $150M
1. Michael Jordan and ex-wife Juanita – $168M

Michael and Juanita

Wow, divorce is truly a multi-million money making scheme.