Criss Angel and Holly Madison are Dating

They’ve finally come out in the open. These two have long been rumored to have gotten together especially after Holly Madison and Playboy empire honcho Hugh Hefner had broken up.

At Criss Angel’s show in Las Vegas the other night (Criss Angel Believe), the two were snapped walking the red carpet aisle together.


Of Holly Madison, Criss said:

 “This is one of the most special evenings for me in my life and I can not think of a more beautiful person, a more special person, inside and out, than Holly to spend it with.”


Blind Item: She Partied with the Boys but Blamed Him

images Can you guess which Celebrity Couple this is?

When she broke up with her man, everybody sympathized with her. How could such a sweet, darling girl have put up with such treatment from her male-slut partner for all those years? She was too talented, too charming, too darn dazzling to have to have endured such wretchedness. Turns out we were all weeping for the wrong partner. Her  ex is just now starting to put the truth out there, courtesy of a few tanked encounters with his favorite bartender. Turns out she was penis-partying all that time, while letting her less-designing other half take the tabloid fall. And she isn’t Whitney Houston, Halle Berry, or Britney Spears.

From E! Online via Blind Gossip

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Is the Honeymoon Over for Brangelina?

The tabloid, Star Magazine, is coming up with this cover on their latest issue claiming that Brangelina’s relationship is in the pitts.


Brad is currently filming Inglorious Bastards in Berlin with co-star Diane Kruger and the two are allegedly getting cozy. They were supposedly spotted having dinner with the cast but Brad and Diane were oblivious to everyone else. The two also worked together in the movie, Troy.

Jennifer Aniston, Brad’s ex-wife, was aware Diane had a crush on her then husband.

“Jen didn’t trust Diane when she worked with Brad, and now she’s happy that Angelina knows how it feels. For her it would be the sweetest karma!”

Do you believe this news?

I have, at one point, bought a Star Magazine. But I was completely disappointed with my purchase because it didn’t have anything that substantial…which was may fault — what do I expect out of tabloids, eh?


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Mariah and Nick’s Halloween Costumes

Diva Mariah Carey and her husband Nick Cannon went about town wearing two different Halloween costumes this season.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Halloween

The wore this Firefighter outfits in an exclusive Halloween party at the Marquee in New York last Friday. The couple was also celebrating their six month anniversary.

And then more recently, the couple was spotted wearing matching Milk & Cookies costumes.



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Back in Business

Hey there!

Celebrity Couple was out for over the year. But we will officially be back in business by November 1st!

Stay tuned!

Diddy’s the Daddy-Again


Yawn! Diddy’s finally taken the paternity for Sara Chapman’s 15-month-old daughter down in ATL. HE IS THE FATHER! Was anyone really surprised? Apparently Diddy was because he’s been denying this child all over town for at least year.“At first, I wasn’t sure if this was my child,” said the Diddy one. “Now that it has become clear she is, I will take care of her for the rest of her life.”

I didn’t think that girl was going to put her business out in the street if she wasn’t 100 percent positive.

That makes six kids for Sean “Diddy” Combs. He’s got 10-month old twins Jessie James and D’Lila Star with ex(I think) girlfriend Kim Porter. They also have a son, Christian, 8. He’s got a a 13-year-old son, Justin, with ex-girlfriend Misa Hylton-Brim. He’s also been dad to Porter’s son, Quincy whose real dad is former R&B crooner Christopher Williams.


Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony to Announce Pregnancy?


That’s what Page Six is reporting.

JENNY from the Block wants to share the good news she’s expecting – right here in her hometown. Bronx native Jennifer Lopez, 38, plans to “announce that she and (husband) Marc Anthony are expecting their first child on Saturday night at her Madison Square Garden concert,” said an insider.

I’ll be holding my breath on this one. Marc and Jennifer have been far to cagey thus far. I doubt very seriously that they are going to make an announcement in such a huge way. Of course I’ve been wrong before. We’ll see.

Photo Source: Hollywood Headache

Halle Berry Says Gabriel Aubry Is A Man of Integrity


Halle sat down with Oprah and dished about her Versace-model-baby-daddy. The mommy-to-be said she was drawn to the sexy Canadian because he brought a great truth to their relationship.

He does what he says he’s going to do. He’s very honest. I’ve learned to really appreciate honesty, even when you’re saying what I don’t want to hear, because it’s the truth. I think I used to like hearing what I wanted to hear, and not necessarily the truth,” she says. “He’s always his authentic self, never worried about being judged. He doesn’t care what anybody thinks of who he is. To walk with that kind of confidence, … and with integrity, I know he has ability to love me, love our children, and he will do that.”

The two lovebirds met at a Versace photoshoot and have been together ever since. Their first child is due next year. The couple hopes to have another one soon after.

….we’re hoping right after this one to do it again.

Brad Pit Says He’s His Own Man


In a Parade magazine interview The father of four is decrying talk that partner Angelina Jolie is the only reason he’s turned do-gooder.

“That’s idiotic!” he replies. “I do it because I’m a member of the human race. In Africa you see people on the street dying from AIDS, children left without parents. We’re all cells of one body, with the same emotions and desires for our families–for a little dignity and a chance for a better life. Let’s focus on that! I believe in the founding principles of America. I want to fight for that. I know most Americans feel the same way.”

Brad also talked about the relentless stalking of his family by paparazzi.

“I mean, yesterday Angie was taking Maddie off to school,” he continues angrily. “There were 30 paparazzi outside. One guy sticks a video camera in Mad’s face, yelling, ‘Maddox! Maddox!’ He doesn’t get a response. He doesn’t know my boy. Mad is already savvy to this, unfortunately. But my 2-year-old dreads being anyplace there are cameras. It scares her. They’re all in her face. My kids are faced with this every day! It’s disgusting. So we’ve been run out of L.A., all the major cities. We just can’t live there. You don’t understand–this is the hunt, the hunt, the hunt! I thought it might be over a year ago. It’s gotten worse.”

Brad is currently filming Burn After Reading with pal George Clooney.

You can read the rest of the interview HERE.

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Dylan McDermott and Shiva Rose Seperate


After nearly 12 years of marriage, Dylan McDermott and wife Shiva Rose have announced that they are seperating.

McDermott, 45, and Rose, 38, have been married since 1995 and have two daughters, 11-year-old Collette and 2-year-old Charlotte.

In a 2001 interview with Diane Sawyer, McDermott says he saw Shiva in a coffee shop and was instantly smitten. “I was in love with her right away,” he said. “For her, it was a little longer, you know, a couple of years. But for me, it was right away. I guess it was grace.”

McDermott, who played defense attorney Bobby Donnell on The Practice, is back on primetime in the new ABC drama Big Shots alongside Michael Vartan, Joshua Molina and Christopher Titus.

Rose recently starred in the romantic comedy David and Layla opposite David Moscow.