Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan Take On Boston

Newlyweds Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan strolled through streets of Boston on Sunday where Aishwarya is currently filming the The Next Pink Panther with Steve Martin and Alfred Molina.

The pair joins forces with French police detective Jacques Clouseau, played by Steve Martin, to catch the thief who has been stealing artifacts around the world. The film is set for a February 13, 2009 release.

The couple was joined by Aishwarya’s mom Vrinda Rai.



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George Clooney and Sara Larson Injured in Motorcycle Crash


George Clooney and new girlfriend Sara Larson were both hurt in a Friday afternoon collision. Clooney, 46, and Larson, 28, were headed north on Boulevard East in Weehawken, N.J., at 3:30 p.m. when their Harley Davidson ran smack dab into a 1999 Mazda Millenia being driven by Albert Sciancaledore, 27, of Weehawken.

The cause of the accident is currently under investigation.

“It’s a he-said, she-said right now, but you can’t pass on the right in Weehawken or anywhere in Jersey,” Kelly[Sgt Sean Kelly of the Weehaken Police Force] said.

Rosenfield said the accident occurred when the vehicle signaled a left-hand turn, but turned right and struck Clooney’s motorcycle.

“The car signaled left. George was riding to the right. The driver decided to make an abrupt right turn and clipped George,” he said.

Clooney fractured a rib while Larson suffered a broken foot. Clooney is in New York to film Burn After Reading with his good pal Brad Pitt. Clooney and Larson were both wearing helmets.



Jennifer Lopez Might Actually Be Pregnant

Color me confused. So first we spied the baby bump at Fashion Week. Congratulations! Then, hubby Marc Anthony says it’s not true. Awww. Better luck next time.
Now everyone from Splash Media to the New York Post is speculating that J Lo is indeed knocked up. Congratulations?

This business begs a lot of questions. If she is pregnant, doesn’t her husband know she’s knocked up?

This week has found Miz Lopex gallivanting around London. The photos aren’t helping her cause any. What do you think? Is she using the purse to cover up a bump?


Salma Hayek and Fiance’ Welcome Baby Girl

salma.jpgSalma Hayek and her uber rich fiance’, Francois-Henri Pinault welcomed a daughter on Thursday. Valentina Paloma Pinault is Salma’s first child and dad’s third. Rumors are swirling that the birth took place at Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles however no official details have been released.

Francois-Henri Pinault is the chairman of PPR, luxury good company whose holdings include Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and Stells McCartney.

A Bilingual, uber chic kid, she’s already part of Hollywood’s elite.

Congratulations to Salma and Francois-Henri!

Kathy Griffin and Steve Wozniak Engaged?


Kathy Griffin and Apple billionaire Steve Wozniak might be ready to walk down the isle. Kathy took the huggable geek to this week’s Primetime Emmy awards. According to US Weekly, she was wearing what might be an engagement ring. When asked about the rock, the comedienne refused to confirm or deny any upcoming nuptials.

“I don’t kiss and tell.”

The relationship comes on the heels of Griffin’s bitter divorce from Matthew Moline who reportedly stole money from the saucy red head. We’re guessing she won’t have that problem with Stevie boy.

It’s unclear exactly how long the couple have been dating but Steve made his move at one of Kathy’s shows.

“I was a fan of hers before we met. I love her personality and her quick thinking. I think we have so much in common.”


Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Not Pregnant


Despite much speculation, Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez have revealed that they are not expecting. Marc issued this statement via his publicist:

“Everyone calls about this every month with the hopes that they’ll hit the mark, but no. No.”

J Lo recently told Grazia magazine that she’ll have a baby when the Almighty is ready.

“I can’t wait to have a baby. I’m ready and so is Marc. We’re waiting for it to happen but I guess it will happen when God wants it.”

Sorry In Touch Weekly. Maybe next time.

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Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka Hit at the 2007 Emmys

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka were a dapper pair at last night’s Emmy Awards. Neil lost the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series to Jeremy Priven. When you look this good what does matter? Harris will next lend his voice to the Justice League animated feature. He’s set to play…or voice The Flash.


Photo Source: Televisionista

Thomas Weeks Won’t Contest Divorce

threshfloorlg.jpgThomas Weeks, Prophetess Juanita Bynum’s estranged husband, had hoped to reconcile with his wife despite the fact that he’d been charged with attacking her during an altercation last month. According to the Associated Press he’s since changed his mind.

The Rev. Thomas W. Weeks III had held out hope that he and Bynum could reconcile even after she filed a petition for divorce Monday, but now “has come to the personal resolve, that if Juanita is insistent on a divorce, he will not stand in the way,” his attorneys said in a statement.

Yeah probably a good idea since he tried to choke and she now has a restraining order against and she’s been in hiding. Doesn’t really sound like fertile ground for marital reconciliation. This guy kills me.

Sara Chapman Set To Talk About Diddy And Kim Porter

Young Black and Fabulous is reporting that Sara Chapman may be set to speak to People Magazine about the Diddy/Kim Porter love triangle.

It seems that Miss Chapman is salty because Kim Porter put all the threesomes business in the street by doing tell-all interview with Essence.

Rumor has it that Chapman will do the same in an upcoming People article.

Sarah is supposed to be talking about how Kim knew about her this whole time since Sarah’s been treated as the main side dish for 13 years–just as long as Kim and Diddy have been together–and is sounding proud about it

While this is all mildly entertaining, I can’t help but wonder why Kim is suddenly up in arms. She knew what she was getting. She knew he wasn’t going to marry her. She knew he wasn’t faithful. Diddy is what he is. No one should surprised.