Are Drew Barrymore and Justin Long reuniting?

Maybe it’s real. Maybe it’s just part of the publicity for their movie, but it seems estranged couple Drew Barrymore and Justin Long have come to terms with being really good friends to each other.

At a recent press event, the actress was asked on whether or not she thinks exes can be good friends and Drew replied within earshot of her ex that —

“They can be [friends], but you almost always ask yourself, ‘If we get along so well on every level, should we hmmm hmmm?’ And then you do, and then it’s over. But sometimes you can get past that. I don’t know. It is complex.”

Drew and Justin

The two have reportedly been seen together again.

The couple dated for over a year until they broke up last year.

Anna Torve and Mark Valley Got Hitched

Fringe Co Star Anna Torv and Mark Valley

They are co-stars on the show, and it seems they are co-stars in real life.

Not a lot of people are aware they have been seeing each other I guess but Anna Torv and Mark Valley, who both appear on the TV series, Fringe has gotten married over the holidays, according to this report.

It didn’t say how long the couple have been dating but the announcement of their hooking up was said to the cast and crew of the show early January.

Congratulations to the couple!

Are TomKat Having Another Baby?

Tom Kat

OK! Magazine claims Katie Holmes is pregnant as Tom Cruise’s wife was spotted with him in an LA Restaurant and her husband had his hands clasped over her belly. Well, they could just be too full from eating their dinner, right?

And the actress is said to have denied she is pregnant. Although the couple isn’t closing the doors to having another baby girl, reports say.

Kate Winslet and Husband Do Not Travel Together

In an interview with the Daily Mail, a spokesman for award winning actress Kate Winslet and her critically lauded husband Sam Mendes do not travel together, for fear that they both will leave their kids orphaned should something happen to their flight.

Where possible, Kate and Sam do prefer to travel in separate planes. It is not always possible but, for obvious reasons regarding the children, they do travel separately when they can.

Although I get the logic to this, and this isn’t something unheard of actually, do you think the couple has too much paranoia?

Kate has two children, one from her former husband, a girl named Mia; and one from Sam, named Joe.

Kate and Sam

Sarah and Matthew’s Night Out

Amidst rumors of an impending separation, Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick were recently seen watching a Broadway show together. Reports say that the two were all smiles and holding hands that night during a run of The American Plan.

Seeing them in public this way foils rumors that recently came out, Sarah was on her way out of their conjugal house because of Matthew’s alleged affairs.

Seems the couple is working out their marriage, if the rumors are indeed true. Or it seems it’s just a regular date night for this two, married for more than a decade now.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick

Brangelina Gets Due Oscar Nomination


Hollywood Power Couple, Brangelina, has all the reason to smile today. The two have been most fruitful last year and have now seen the fruits of their labor pay off. This morning, it was announced that they both earn Oscar nominations for Best Actor and Actress, respectively. He, for playing the role of Benjamin Button, and her for her emotional portrayal of a mother who lost her son in Changeling.

Brad Pitt calls the nominations “a great honor for the movie.” He says —

“I’m especially happy for David Fincher, for without him there would be no Ben Button.”

The movie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, has also been nominated for Best Picture.

Angelina Jolie, meanwhile, says —

“To receive a nomination from the Academy on top of that is a privilege beyond any expectation. It has been an exceptional year for acting, and I am honored to be in the company of these talented actors whose performances all deserve this recognition.”

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis Getting Hitched

Vanessa Paradis Johnny Depp

Although they have been together since the 90’s, their union has not been made official. But sources from MTV says, actor Johnny Depp has been spotted buying an engagement ring for the mother of his children, Vanessa Paradis.

The two are rumored to be getting married in April in the family estate in France. The wedding will be closed and private.

Congratulations to these two!

Blind Item: The Actor and The Nanny

With so many stars right now having kids or have just given birth to their babies, it’s actually hard to say who this blind is all about. From Blind Gossip:

imagesWhich actor is in hot water after making a move on a member of his household staff? He and his wife hired an attractive nanny to help look after their growing brood. The actor had never spent a lot of quality time with the kid/s prior to the nanny’s arrival. However, once the nanny arrived, he started spending an inordinate amount of time accompanying her and the kids to various kiddie activities. A couple of weeks ago, the wife caught them in a compromising position in the nanny’s room. The nanny was promptly fired, and the wife has been quietly asking friends for recommendations for a divorce attorney in the Los Angeles area.

Guesses, anyone?

America’s First Couple: Barack and Michelle Obama

Ever wonder what their marriage is like? The couple has been married for 16 years and as with most marriages, their minds clash over decisions they have to make as a family. Of course, with the man of the house becoming the most powerful man of the world in a couple of days, the dynamics of their relationship is once again going to change.

How will these two work into their marriage amidst the pressures of being the First Couple, is something America (and the world) is going to watch.

I love, though, that after sixteen years, they still look at each other this way, as if their love is young and didn’t have all the problems and pressures marriages face.

Michelle and BarackMichelle and BarackBarack and Michelle

Star Magazine has a feature on the power couple in this week’s issue. You can check for details of it here.

Ashley and Pete Guest on CSI NY

Pete Wentz Ashlee Simpson

Bronx Mowgli’s parents, Ashley Simpson and Pete Wentz, are working very hard, peddling themselves as actors this time. The two have booked themselves a gig on the small screen, with a guest appearance on CSI: NY.

Reports say the two will play a Bonnie and Clyde pair. Shooting begins next week and the episode is expected to air in March.