No Truth To Leighton Meester Engagement

It was in the news the other day — Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester has just gotten engaged to Sebastian Stan, one of her co-stars in the hit teen series.

Page Six of the New York Post wrote that two supposedly announced their “secret” wedding on Facebook (how dumb would that be?!). But a rep for the actor confirmed this news is false. And further following up that Facebook lead proved the pages were fake.

The two have long been rumored as dating back in the summer but have not confirmed their relationship to the public.

leighton sebastian stan

Chef Batali says Gwyneth and Chris still together

Gwyneth Paltrow has been the subject of nasty rumors lately. This particular blind item came out in in the New York Daily News recently. But one of Gwyneth’s friends, chef Mario Batali, says the couple is doing fine.

“I see them all the time. I don’t think they’re having problems. If you meet their kids, their kids are cool. And their kids have the fascination with new and open-eyed experiences. They’re delightful. Which means they’re being taken care of at home by their parents. That’s the key.

They’re really stay-at-home parents in a way that only rock stars and Academy Award winning actors can be. They’ve got a time to choose when they work, and they don’t have to work all the time.”

Gwyneth and Crhis have been marriage five years, which by Hollywood standard is actually a good one. They have two children — Apple, 4 and Moses, 2.

Chris Martin Gwyneth Paltrow

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Christmas Truce for Madonna and Guy Ritchie

Putting their differences aside at least for the holidays, estranged couple Madonna and Guy Ritchie are planning on spending Christmas together at their English country estate. The couple is doing this for their children.

Madonna initially wanted a Christmas in New York but Guy wanted the children to be with him in the UK. To avoid further disagreements, the ex-couple has decided on what’s best for their kids instead.

According to a British newspaper —

“Madonna and Guy want the best for the kids and so she has decided to come over to the U.K. so they can be with their father. Madonna arrives in England on December 23 and is planning to stay for Christmas.  Madonna doesn’t really like Ashcombe but she thinks it’s important that they put on a united front for the kids.”

The director has not seen his kids for quite awhile since they have been with their mother all throughout his filming of Sherlock Holmes. So Madonna agreed they spend Christmas together as a family.

This will be the first time the whole family is together since the divorce.

Madge and Guy 

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Divorced: Kate Walsh & Alex Young

Private Practice star Kate Walsh and her marriage to her husband of 15 months or so, Alex Young, have ended in divorce.

Citing “irreconcilable differences”, it was her husband who filed for it, and the court has listed the date of separation as November 22, 2008.

The two were engaged last May 2007 after a very brief courtship (as in barely a week!) and married the following September.

Kate and Alex

The ex-couple was a subject of a nasty rumor that began last September.

I will admit that this fake marriage lasted longer than I thought it would, but all good things must come to an end. Seems as if our B list television actress on a hit network drama just can’t keep pretending to keep a man. The lesbian that refuses to come out of the closet is trying to convince the world that she is straight. Our actress has been in this space before when her last beard left her. This time she tried to convince us all by getting married, but no one is really buying it, least of all her fake husband who wants a raise.

Source and Source

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Is Drew Barrymore dating Jason Segel?

Rumors are abuzz Drew Barrymore is seeing Jason Segel after the two has been spotted together, rubbing and kissing, at Chateau Marmont in Hollywood…according to Star Magazine.

“Drew was all over Jason, rubbing him and kissing his face. He was on cloud nine.” — a source has been quoted as saying.

Drew just recently broke up with boyfriend of more than one year, Justin Long. She has a thing for funny men, huh? I hope this one lasts and sticks.

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Gossip Couples Hooking Up, Breaking Up

Page Six of the New York Post via E! Online is reporting that Gossip Girl co-stars Taylor Momsen and Chace Crawford were seen lip-locking in real life and not just on the show. Now I don’t follow the series so I wouldn’t know about them hooking up based on the script. But I do know Taylor is 15 years young, while Chace, despite playing a high school kid, is in his early 20’s. Now this may just be a publicity stunt….who knows?

tmomsen chacec 

Meanwhile, from one Gossip Couple to another…

blake lively and pen

Blake Lively and Pen Badgely’s real life relationship on the rocks? The two were spotted together in New York. Together — but not smiling and not enjoying each other’s company, like they just came from a fight. The report also comes from E! Online.

Brangelina Falls in Love with New Orleans

Power couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie hopes to settle down their growing family in New Orleans Lousiana, reports say. They have apparently fallen in love with the city’s racial diversity as it fits their very own.

The couple, who has three adopted children from Cambodia, Vietnam and Ethiopia, as well as three biological children, says that the kids have been learning a lot about different cultures over there.

“Our kids love it here. They love the school and their friends here. Most of all they love Verti Marte (a diner in the French Quarter). Their favorite thing to do is go down there. But for all of us, we just come here and we feel at home. This is the place we feel combines all the culture we love. It’s a melding of my French heritage with Brad’s Americana. The kids just love the food at the moment but they’re absorbing years of tradition through that.”

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Chris Klein and Ginnifer Goodwin calls it quits!

Apparently Ginnifer Goodwin and Chris Klein have broken up.  A friend of the actress said that the two want different things so the relationship did not work out.

These two aren’t exactly in the radar to begin with, so very few people probably know they were even together. Most of us are perhaps learning of this relationship for the first time, precisely because of this break-up news.

It’s just surprising to me though, both these actors have movies coming up. The timing about deciding to announce that they have split is screaming publicity gimmick to me.

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Blind Item: Betrayed by a Cell Phone

Tsk, tsk, tsk…what technology can do to a marriage. Hah!

Can you guess this couple?

images This actor’s wife, who is an actress herself, thought her husband owned two identical cell phones. One for businesss calls and the other for personal calls. One morning, the wife found a cell phone in their home. Thinking that it was the business phone and that her husband would be frantic at work without it that day, she hopped into the car to bring it to him at work. On the way, she tried to use the phone to call and let him know she was on her way. Imagine her surprise when she found that it was actually a third identical phone that held only one phone number, a revealing photo of the woman he was cheating with, and some raunchy text messages. We hope that the husband has really good health insurance as well as the number of a Los Angeles divorce attorney

This seems like another random blind that could refer to just about any power couple in Hollywood!


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Shania Twain Moves On

Is Shania Twain giving love a second shot?

Reports from World Entertainment News Network says the singer is dating someone who is also connected to her ex-husband. The new guy is, in fact, the ex-husband of the woman Shania’s husband was allegedly having an affair with.  His name is Patrick Thiebaud.

The two were spotted in New York last week. Patrick was seen escorting Shania out of the JFK Airport.

The singer separated from her husband, Robert Lung, in May of this year.

Shania Twain

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