New Couple Alert: John Krasinski and Emily Blunt

The Office crush, John Krasinski, is reportedly seeing British actress Emily Blunt (The Devil Wears Prada). Sources confirmed that the two went to the San Ysidro Ranch in Santa Barbara, California recently and were seen taking long walks. How romantic!

Emily Blunt recently split with crooner Michael Buble while John Krasinski was linked to Rashida Jones, his The Office co-star.

What do you think of this new pair-up? Do you like them together?

John Krasinki Emily Blunt

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Hayden and Rachel Build A Home

They met on the set of Jumper last year. And it seems these two are starting to make a life for themselves together.

Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen are reportedly building their first house somewhere in Toronto Canada, where the actor has a farmhouse.

hayden and rachel 

It’s a good thing they decided to build somewhere outside Hollywood. I think couples have better chances staying together when they don’t stay over there.

Paris and Benji Split

After nine months of coupling, Paris Hilton has gotten tired of her boyfriend Benji Madden and the two have now officially broken up. This was a situation you see coming from a mile away, I doubt people are still surprised about it. Even if just a few weeks ago, Paris proclaimed they were “in love” and that a few months ago, she was considering having a baby with him.

Over the weekend, Paris was seen on the same scene with one of her Greek ex-boyfriends.

So, whose next in line for Paris?

paris and benji

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Reese praises ex-husband Ryan

Actress Reese Witherspoon has nothing but praises for her ex-husband Ryan Philippe when it comes to being a great father for their two children. She says to Parade Magazine —-

“My ex-husband is very involved in raising our beautiful children. We’re very lucky because we both grew up in working families in middle America. We’re on the same page that way. When we’re with our children, we’re very good about checking ourselves. I’m teaching the children what we were taught growing up – a real set of rules, discipline and love.”

The ex-couple split in 2007 and have since kept a very civil relationship.

The ex-couple have two children, Ava and Deacon.

reese witherspoon ryan philippe

A fight that went to the dogs?

Crooner Enrique Iglesias was apparently thrown out of the house he shares with girlfriend Anna Kournikova. The latter was said to have kicked out the singer because of an argument about his dogs.

Enrique tells Hello Magazine —

“We were living together for six months, but she kicked me out. We had a fight. We did make up, but she didn’t let me move back in. It was a stupid fight – something about my dogs. I’ll move back in when she lets me.”

Enrique is learning this early in the relationship that there must only be one bitch in the house.

Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova

Meadow and Turtle, Happy Together

I wouldn’t have imagine these two getting together but apparently Jamie Lynn Siegler and Jerry Ferrara are very much a couple.

The actress used to play Meadow Soprano on the hit series, The Sopranos, while the actor is a regular on Entourage where plays Turtle. The two met when the actress was guest on his show.

Jamie Lynn tells Page Six:

“[Ferrara] is a very special person, and I’ll leave it there . . . I’m not a good dater. It takes a lot for me to even want to kiss someone. I have to have a connection, and those are rare for me.”

Jamie Lynn

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Mandy Moore Reunites With DJ Adam Goldstein

Is Mandy Moore back with former beau Adam Goldstein?

The two were seen partying together in Las Vegas, Saturday. They arrived at the venue together, with the DJ working as host of the event. But the couple are said to have reunited as early as September, after Goldstein suffered burns from a plane crash blaze.

Mandy and Adam began dating last January but then the actress/singer admitted to the break up in March.

She formerly dated actor Zach Braff while he was once Nicole Richie’s boyfriend.

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Ashley Simpson’s Labor May Be Induced

Ashley Simpson-Wentz was supposed to be giving birth in the Fall, but Thanksgiving has passed and still — no baby. This woman seems to have been pregnant, in like,  forever.

According to her sister, Jessica, Ashley may have to be induced as Ashley is already growing very uncomfortable and is already very eager to nurse her baby.

The singer is married to rocker Pete Wentz.

Ashely Simpson

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Cindy McCain Caught

This came out in the National Enquirer last week. These are pictures of Cindy McCain allegedly with her boyfriend, who remains unnamed. Rumors are circulating the wife of Sen. John McCain is having an extra-marital relationship for many years.

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What do you think about this?

Jessica Alba To Wed A Second Time

Jessica Alba and her husband, Cash Warren, are planning to hold another wedding ceremony in front of family and friends in December. This comes after the couple’s private wedding at the a Beverly Hills courthouse last June.

The two have a five month old baby girl, Honor.

Source say, the actress has already chosen her $47,000 wedding gown.

“Jessica first wanted to wear a traditional gown with a veil, but then she changed her mind because she thought it would be over the top. Instead she chose a dress that could pass as a wedding gown but also work for a formal event, like the Oscars “

Jessica Alba


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