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America’s First Couple: Barack and Michelle Obama

Ever wonder what their marriage is like? The couple has been married for 16 years and as with most marriages, their minds clash over decisions they have to make as a family. Of course, with the man of the house becoming the most powerful man of the world in a couple of days, the dynamics of their relationship is once again going to change.

How will these two work into their marriage amidst the pressures of being the First Couple, is something America (and the world) is going to watch.

I love, though, that after sixteen years, they still look at each other this way, as if their love is young and didn’t have all the problems and pressures marriages face.

Michelle and BarackMichelle and BarackBarack and Michelle

Star Magazine has a feature on the power couple in this week’s issue. You can check for details of it here.