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Sarah and Matthew’s Night Out

Amidst rumors of an impending separation, Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick were recently seen watching a Broadway show together. Reports say that the two were all smiles and holding hands that night during a run of The American Plan.

Seeing them in public this way foils rumors that recently came out, Sarah was on her way out of their conjugal house because of Matthew’s alleged affairs.

Seems the couple is working out their marriage, if the rumors are indeed true. Or it seems it’s just a regular date night for this two, married for more than a decade now.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick

Are Sarah Jessica and Matthew Broderick Separating?

Star Magazine’s latest issue features a big story about Sarah Jessica Parker and husband, Matthew Broderick. The Sex and The City icon has apparently left their conjugal abode and is house hunting for her own, as a single mother.

It’s not like we’re quick to believe Star Magazine. But rumors about Matthew Broderick’s indiscretions were everywhere last year, but some publicity handwork made the gossip go away.

According to “sources” —

“Sarah Jessica is determined to get her own place and bring down the curtains on her marriage. They’re essentially living separate lives. The truth is, Sarah and Matthew still do love and care about each other, they just aren’t in love, and they don’t want to waste any more time trying to repair something that’s irreparable.”

The couple has been together 11 years and they have a four year old boy named James.

Star Magazine